GRay Background

This little plant is breathing new life into the age old challenge of creating a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

Unlocking the potential of one of the most wide-spread aquatic plants in the world – Sago Pondweed (Stuckenia pectinata).

We are endeavoring to unlock the full potential of this versatile and globally distributed plant species.

Current Research

At Aquatech BioEnergy we are a cutting edge research company defining new ways to generate sustainable and renewable energy from plants.

We are a biologically focused research company that develops sustainable micro-ecosystems that are economical and provide technological breakthroughs in environmental, climate change, and health-related fields.

We are on our way to establish ourselves as a leader in biofuels, wastewater and water quality testing. These fields of commercialized product development have lead to breakthroughs in technology that we have refined and now offer to be developed to their fullest potential. Our partners in industry are working closely with us to provide the highest quality systems, while maintaining a focus on sustainability, economic viability and ease of use.

Gas Tank

Ethanol Production

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Wastewater Treatment

Sago’s hardiness, ease of reproduction, and tolerance for contaminated, even brackish water, make it suitable as a biological wastewater treatment option.

Sago is a common, hardy, perennial, submerged, rooted aquatic plant (not an algae) that occurs in many different habitats. It thrives in alkaline, fresh and brackish waters, standing and running waters, and in waters of different trophic status. Sago avoids concerns about “invasive plant species” because it is native to every state in the U.S. and on every continent, with the exception of Antarctica; importantly, Aquatech BioEnergy's Sago is not genetically modified. Pollutants released into aquatic systems are generally bound to particulate matter, which becomes incorporated into sediments. Rooted aquatic macrophytes, including Sago provide the potential to take up and remove sediment-bound pollutants, including microbes. At Aquatech BioEnergy, we are developing Sago Pondweed, to reduce pathogenic bacterial counts, and CO2 emissions released by municipal wastewater.


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